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SBB Wins Award

Sutton Beebe & Babin wins Bronze ASID South Central Chapter 2017-2018 Excellence in Design Awards for Cypress Baptist Church Project

We worked with the church to develop a budget, program, and presentation materials for fundraising efforts towards the expansion of their facilities. The program included multiple phased areas with a new 2,000 seat Sanctuary, new Pre-School Wing, and large circulation areas that can be used as fellowship space for gatherings. This new expansion connects all the existing buildings to bring everything under the same roof. It also included areas of future expansion while meeting the current needs of the church.

They wanted a new 2,000 seat State-of-the-Art Sanctuary, new Pre-School Wing and large circulation areas for fellowship space. They wanted to new areas to be energy efficient and functional using today’s technologies.

The challenge of this project was to provide a cutting edge design, with a 2,000 seat sanctuary on a budget. They wanted to acoustics to be adequate for weekly services and concerts/plays. The church requested that the sanctuary be designed for small intimate settings or large full house services. They also requested a Children’s wing to be added that was both fun for the kids, cutting edge and functional for a variety of different needs.

The design incorporated state of the art lighting, sound, and video production. LED light fixtures were used throughout the facility to reduce overall energy consumption and reduce maintenance needs. All the exposed steel in the Sanctuary was treated with foam for both fire proofing and acoustics. Sound panels were strategically placed around the large room to provide to correct level of sound without reverberations. The lighting was designed to be multi level so if only using a portion of the Sanctuary the lighting could be adjusted accordingly. The seating was designed with 4 different fabrics so the sanctuary always looks full no matter the number of people.

This project was fully modeled in 3D using Revit. Models were generated by the Architect, MEP Engineers and Structural Engineers to provide a cutting edge design and the best systems possible. The buildings use LED lighting, motion sensors and computer controlled HVAC systems.

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