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Minden, Louisiana

Webster junior high

125,000 SF

The Webster Middle School project revitalizes an existing campus surrounded by an older neighborhood in Minden, Louisiana. The new 850 student facility was constructed while maintaining operations of an old inefficient school at the same site that was demolished after occupancy of the new facility

The location decision is a smart growth and community centered school strategy. New campus scale enhances the value of the surrounding older neighborhood. The energy conservation strategy incorporates sustainable design beginning with solar orientation and including day lighting; load reduction strategies; daylight and occupancy sensors; systems efficiencies; regional materials selection and building optimization.

A covered alumni walkway way connects the campus to neighborhood pedestrian access and separates bus traffic from parent drop off / pick-up.  Vehicular traffic flow design improves security and safety. Buildings are organized around outdoor courtyards and social gathering places. Classrooms are designed for clusters or teams of core curriculum teachers who will teach the same students and share a cluster planning room that facilitates team teaching.  Portions of the campus are used by the public for after school functions.  These areas are located to be welcoming to the public and allow classroom clusters to be secured.  Building design provides flexibility, responds to innovation in teaching pedagogy and accommodates changes in technology.

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