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Jasper, Texas


6,800 SF

TheraSpecialists is a physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic in a rural East Texas community.  The owners desired a facility reflecting the modern and technological advances that influence their practice.  SBB responded to these criteria with bold exterior elements incorporating multiple colors, dramatic angles and opposing roof pitches.  The building houses administrative offices, exam rooms, treatment areas, exercise area, aquatic therapy pool, hydro-therapy room, changing rooms, and ancillary spaces.  All major spaces take advantage of a full view to an adjacent pond and city park.  Aluminum sunscreens are used to meet the challenge of this East facing orientation.  Toilet rooms, storage rooms, and other ancillary spaces are situated to the front of the building providing a buffer from parking lot and street noise.  

The clients required that the primary areas be open both visually and spatially for control and assistance by the staff.  This was achieved by dividing the exercise and treatment spaces with a circular modality area.  A large window wall with sliding glass doors makes the pool visible and accessible from this space as well.  Large opaque sliding glass doors at the exam rooms also contribute to openness while providing privacy for the patients.  Dramatic suspended linear light fixtures further unify the open spaces and exam rooms.

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