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Shreveport, Louisiana

moonbot Studios

MOONBOT Studios is designed as a digital animation studio for award winning author, illustrator and filmmaker Bill Joyce. Located inside the BioSpace1 (now InterTech1) complex in Shreveport, Louisiana the challenge was to create a fun, exciting and functional environment for the MOONBOT employees. The work flow of the studio is somewhat like an assembly line for animated movie making so the adjacencies of spaces are critical for effective production the design of the space reflects the creative nature of those who occupy it and includes meeting rooms, offices, production areas and a movie theatre. A feeling of openness and volume accomplished by exposed structure in large open areas contrasted by low ceilings in the more confined quiet areas. Colors are a sharp contrast between bright warm colors and subtle cool ones that are complementary of each other and this mixture of warm, cool, soft and bright creates an exciting and entertaining place to work. Creativeness starts at the front door with a large lamp / lampshade over the reception desk and continues throughout the space including sloping walls, randomly shaped rooms and non-traditional furniture to reinforce the “fun factor”.

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