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Shreveport, Louisiana


60,000 SF

InterTech1 is a “wet lab incubator” and business accelerator for startup life science companies.  InterTech1 is a project of the Biomedical Research Foundation of NW Louisiana (now called BRF) and is the 2nd building on a 12-acre parcel within the InterTech Science Park. 


The design for InterTech1 provides an identity for startup biomedical and life science businesses.  Support areas are located on each end of the building in triangular configurations to allow for maximum flexibility in the central laboratory portion of the facility.  One end of the building is devoted to mechanical systems to minimize vibration transference to laboratories.  Site development includes a drainage retention pond and amenities that establish a development quality that will contribute to recruiting companies and staff. 


Startup science companies benefit from exchanging and sharing ideas.  As a result, providing formal and informal collaboration areas is part of the building concept.  Laboratory areas were designed around an expandable module to accommodate growth and change, as companies graduate from the incubator in 2 to 4 year cycles.  


Building systems are designed to allow reconfiguration and repairs without entering laboratories.  Entries to labs and accelerator portions of the building are secured.  Shared laboratories provide equipment that can be shared by various tenants to extend tenant capability and reduce tenant cost of operations. Conference rooms with state-of-the-art equipment are also part of the building plan. After completion of construction, the facility was renamed from BioSpace1 to InterTech1.

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