Shreveport, Louisiana

North Louisiana  forensic sciences center

85,000 SF

The North Louisiana Forensic Sciences Center (NLFSC) is a four story 85,000 square foot laboratory building that serves the forensic science needs of 29 Parishes of North Louisiana. The design responds to a facility developed through collaboration of Forensic Sciences Center administration and staff with SBB Architects. NLFSC includes the following department areas: Forensic Biology, Firearms, Tool Marks, Latent Prints, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Pathology, Evidence Handling, Teaching / Training, Administration and Building Services. The design solution organizes the building functions into 3 rectangular buildings (1, 2, & 4 stories). The space formed between these buildings is glass enclosed and provides locations for connecting functions – lobby, building core and open offices. This connecting architecture is capped with an expressive curved roof in contrast to solid mass functional buildings that visually support this design element