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Shreveport, Louisiana

blade studios

6,522 SF

Blade Studios is a world-class sound recording studio complex created for award winning musician Brady Blade. He has toured with Dave Mathew’s, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, and Jewel just to name a few. Designed in collaboration with Russ Berger Design Group, the studio includes two state-of-the-art sound recording studios (each studio is designed as a sound isolated room with one foot thick walls). Support areas include lounges, kitchens, private restrooms, shower, private office suites, conference rooms and workstations.

Studio A is designed for recording large bands and is large enough to serve as an orchestral scoring stage. It features three adjacent isolation booths and a drum room. One of the isolation booths seen here has a dedicated grand piano. Both studio’s are designed as a sound isolation room on a floating slab, equipped with double paned glass and sound proof doors, as well as acoustical fabric on walls and ceilings. Studio A has a dedicated drum set that is tuned for the room. Control Room A is adjacent to Studio A and is outfitted with 5.1 monitoring, delivering optimal sound quality in surround sound. 

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